Paint specifications:​

length: 264” to 276”
width: 96”

height: ​66”

25 yard de-cant tainer dimensions:​​

  • door sealing face will be totally watertight and fully sealed tailgate with an epdm gasket on the surface area to prevent leakage with heavy duty door latches.
  • side latches with safety chain.
  • rear door with quick release handle and safety latch.
  • rear door with quick close latch™  (swing style only).
    can be open and shut with only one operator.
  • (4) back door latches with ratchets. (we do not locked our doors with chain and chain binders)
  •  (1) 4-inch fill port / loading manifold with 4” to 3” reducer front or rear mount or both (patent pending).
  • ladders front or rear mount or both (patent pending).
  • (6) 3-inch side drain ports with cam lock fittings, caps and chains.
  • (3) floor trench drains to allow easy and faster dewatering.
    ​(patent pending).
  • (2) 6-inch front drain and wash out ports with cam lock fittings, caps and chains to provide easy cleanout.
    (patent pending).
  • a variety of container volumes, options, colors and construction are available on all models.
  • specifications subject to change without notice.

dewatering has drastically reduced costs on disposal fees.

  • 500 to 800 cfm filter material.
  • walls with filter material.
  • floor trench drains with filter material.
  • stainless steel button head fasteners.  (no studs).
  • interior hold down strips 6061 aluminum or galvanized steel.

Tarp system specifications:​

30 yard de-cant tainer dimensions:​​

length: 264” to 276”
width: 96”

height: ​91”

optional extension: 16” high

Filter material specifications:​

  • interior and exterior sandblasted to near white metal.
  • interior triple coal tar epoxy coated totaling 5 to 8 mils dry.
  • exterior coated with a two-part epoxy primer.
    exterior painted with 5 mils dry polyurethane top coat 2-part.
    ​(solid colors only).
  • d.o.t. safety reflective stripping on all 4 sides.
  • safety and warning decals.
  • complete roll-over tarp system with (5) tarp stops.
  • vinyl welded tarp reinforced ends.
  • (4) tarp straps and ratchets or lock plate
    (no bungee straps for safety of operator).
  • (4) fiberglass tarp bows.
  • front aluminum tarp riser with built-in wind guard.
  • rear aluminum tarp riser with built-in overflow cavity.
  • tarp crank with mounting brackets.
  • stainless steel bolts and washers.
  • we do not recommend steel roof due to corrosion and safety hazard.

​Notice:  when the tarp is in it’s closed position with all drain ports, wash out ports, and fill ports with caps and plugs in place, the de-cant tainer virtually becomes air tight and odor free.

Certified data sheet
500 cfm white filter material

  • test strip: 1” wide
  • fiber material: polyester
  • filament type: monofilament
  • weave: satin
  • finish: heat set
  • weight: 35.4 oz/yd²
  • thickness: .076”
  • thread count per inch: 64 x 24
  • air permeability: 500 cfm
  • tensile strength: 1340 pli
  • used on the floor, which stops the particles from bypassing.

15 yard de-cant tainer dimensions:

Designed for conventional vacuum trucks.​

Certified data sheet
650 cfm white filter material

  • test strip: 1” wide
  • fiber material: polyester
  • filament type: monofilament
  • weave: plain weave
  • finish: heat set
  • weight: 25 oz/yd²
  • thickness: .070”
  • thread count per inch: 15 x 11
  • air permeability: 600 cfm
  • tensile strength: 1180 pli
  • used on the walls, which is a more open weave.

Certified data sheet
800 cfm blue filter material

  • fiber material: polyester
  • filament type: monofilament
  • weave: spiral
  • weight: 38.35 oz/yd²
  • thickness: .110”
  • thread count per inch: 17 x 5
  • air permeability: 800 cfm
  • tensile strength: 1560 pli
  • used on the walls, which is a larger open weave.

De-Cant Tainer


Construction specifications:

  • De-cant tainer™ filter boxes are designed for dewatering a variety of materials, including sludge, mud, slurry, fly ash, pulp, liquid waste, sewer, septic, grease, grit, oils, chemicals, drill turnings and other materials.
  • manufactured in several sizes from 5 to 40 yards quality filter boxes customize to your needs and made for every application.
  • optional vibrators and brackets side mounted to reduce dewatering time by as much as 50%.  power options 110-v, 220-v, air or hydraulics with or without timers (patent pending).
  • round bottom water tight filter boxes for faster dewatering and to prevent sludge from building up on corners like square bottom would.
  • constructed of a-36 carbon steel plate with ¼” floor and 3/16” walls.
  • floor cross members are structural channels spaced on 12” to 16” centers.
  • rails are constructed of 6” x 2” x ¼” structural tubing with 36 ½” inside spacing.
  • fully welded interior seams for maximum strength.
  • all exposed welds are cleaned of welding slag and rounded.
  • all exposed sharp edges and corners are rounded.
  • front and rear short baffles to prevent spillage (patent pending).
  • (4) 8-inch wheels with grease zerks to allow easy rolling.
  • door frame constructed of 4” x 3” x 3/16” structural tubing and with steel hinges located on the side.
  • door hinges with grease fittings.  hinges are constructed of ½” wall steel and 1” diameter hot rolled bar pins with welded retainer washers.

35 yard de-cant tainer dimensions:​

20 yard de-cant tainer dimensions:

Designed for high dump vacuum trucks.​

length: 264” to 276”
width: 96”

height:  ​42”

length: 264” to 276”
width: 96”

height: ​75”

length: 264” to 276”
width: 96”

height: ​54”